Best Practices to Follow When Using Exclusion Funnels to Rid of Killeen Squirrels

Using one-way door or exclusion funnel is an excellent and a humane way to get rid of the Killeen squirrels. You simply have to install them on the entry holes of the squirrel and allow them to leave your property on their own accord. Depending from the size of your squirrel infestation, you will most probably have to leave the funnel for a couple of weeks until you completely resolve your wildlife issue.

Guide on Installing One-Way Door to Funnel Out Your Squirrels

The challenge of catching the Texas squirrel without harming them is the reason why most homeowners will choose the lethal method. However, if you simply want to evict the squirrels from your house, the exclusion funnel would be an excellent device. You should not invest your money on repellents that do not work. FTC released a report that ultrasonic deterrent machines will also not work effectively against them.

Choosing a Killeen One-Way Exclusion Device

There are lots of Texas exclusion devices that are available in the market. However, make sure that you are looking for a 1way door that comes with a squirrel door. It should have a contraption that is open on its two edges. It should allow you to connect it at the access point of the squirrel. In case this is installed appropriately, the squirrel should be able to get out of here without any trouble. The door should immediately close after they exited and will prevent them from returning to your house. Most of the commercially available exclusion device will appear similarly to the wire trap. However, there are also others with a simpler design.

Observe the Squirrel

Before you install the exclusion device, you will have to observe the Texas squirrel for a couple of days to determine the different access point that they are using. Write this in your note to ensure that you will not forget anything. After a couple of days, seal all the entry holes except for one where you will install the exclusion device. 

Install the Exclusion Device

Read the instruction of the Killeen manufacturer carefully when installing the exclusion device. Be certain that you will not miss anything. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your device, you may add bait at the end of the funnel. Remember that installation of the exclusion device is a part of the entire removal process. It will require more than a1way door to ultimately deal with your infestation. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to determine how to properly install your exclusion device. Keep in mind that sometimes, even those with experience with squirrel infestation will have trouble in getting rid of them. In case you don't have any luck in eliminating them, we encourage you to call the experts. They will be responsible in handling all the matters related with the infestation. Whether you have created your own exclusion funnel or purchased 1way door, we wished you the best of luck in getting rid of the vermin. 

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