Keeping Texas Opossums Out and Far Away from YOUR Garden With These 3 Simple Steps!

The opossums may not have the destructive behavior of the rats but they can still be nuisance when they made it in our Killeen garden. Once the opossums invaded your vegetable garden, it is time for you to take some necessary actions. If not, this creature will surely reduce it to nothingness. Possums are adept climbers. They are also flexible and adaptable that allows them to survive in a range of environment. You will have to look for ways on how you can discourage them to stay in your garden.

Effective Ways to Drive Away the Opossums in the Garden

When getting rid of the nuisance creature in your Texas property, it is always better to determine the original cause of the infestation. In the meantime, while identifying the cause, there are some simple measures that you can take to deter the activities of the possums in your yard.

Restrict Their Access

The first thing you can do is to limit the access of the opossum in your Texas garden. You should determine the things that you want to protect from the attack of the creature. Possums have a tendency to eat the foliage of the new growth. It is imperative to protect them from this creature. If not, the constant gnawing on the buds will weaken the plant. Keep the fruits protected by wrapping them with a cloth bag. If possible, keep your garden beds enclosed by introducing barriers. When creating barriers in your garden, make sure that the opossum is not inside your yard.

Deter Their Climbing Habit

The opossum uses its sharp claws to climb high structure and its tail to remain in a balanced position. This allows them to climb any trees in your yard. In order to prevent them from eating the fruits of your trees, you will need to find ways to deter their climbing skill. One excellent way to do this is to wrap the trunk of the tree with a smooth galvanized iron sheet. Be sure that there are no shrubs or posts around the tree that the opossums can use as an alternative to climb the tree. Remember that they have a crafty nature.

Trim the Tree Branches

For the parts that are being eaten by the Texas opossum, you should trim these branches. Make sure that it is 2 meters away from the other structures in your garden. While the opossum can indeed jump, they do not have the incredible jumping skills of the squirrel. Trimming the branches should be sufficient to ensure that your tree will be protected against their infestation.

When the Killeen opossums are located outside your house, we do not encourage you to use the trapping device since you are not allowed to relocate them. We also do not advice the use of the repellent since none of them have been proven effective against them. If the infestation still persists, it is about time to call the help of the wildlife removal experts. They can create a customized solution that will suit your problem.

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