Killeen Property Modifications to Take Now to Best Prevent Bats

The Killeen building and other man-made structures will offer a warm and safe shelter for the bats especially for the mother bats that are forming their maternity colony. Your house can also serve as a temporary stopover to the bats that are migrating to their hibernation roost. When there is a limitation in their natural habitat, residential structure would be an excellent alternative. This increases that possibility that they will come in contact with the bats and exposed them to the health concerns and the dangers that this nuisance creature imposes.

Create a Bat-Proof House to Control the Bat's Population

Before you start introducing any type of modification to your Texas property, you will need to assess your situation first. Remember that your problem is unique that requires a distinctive solution. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. You need to determine the roost of the bats. They may roost in different parts of our house such as walls, chimneys, rafters, flashing, boards, sidings, roofing, and fascia. You also need to know if this is a night roost, the species of bats, and if it is necessary to perform bat exclusion before modifying your property.

Installing the Killeen Bat House

If you don't want them anywhere near your Texas house, you can provide them with an alternative habitat outside your house. The bats will return to your house yearly. It would be difficult for them to use their energy in searching for another roost. If there is a bat house outside your home, they will be less persistent in returning to your house. When looking for a bat house, be sure to look for something that comes with multiple chambers. The surface should also provide them with an easy way to roost. It should be large, dark and waterproof. 

Installing 1-Way Exit Funnels

Exclusion devices that are appropriately installed will allow the bats to leave your house without harming them. This is the most acceptable way to evict the bats out of your property. Avoid using materials that has sharp borders or any materials that can possibly injure the bats or damage its wings. It will be installed in the entry points of the bats after you completely sealed all the gaps, cracks and holes. 

Sealing the Roost

After the Texas bats have been evicted, the only way to ensure that the bats will not return inside would be to seal their entry points. You may seal the holes using caulking, wood, cement and other smooth materials. Aerosol is not recommended since it has a tendency to extract when exposed on high temperature. Bird nettings and wire mesh is also not advised since the bats can use this to roost.

The methods that are used to harm the Killeen bats will not deliver you an effective solution. By doing a simple modification to your property, you can guarantee that the bats will no longer return to your property. They may be persistent when returning to their roost, but if you follow the tips above, you can appropriately address your infestation problem.

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